Discovering New Ways To Reach People

Stories May 6, 2021

Corina Pelin is literature evangelist coordinator of the North Transylvania Conference in the Romanian Union. During the coronavirus pandemic, all literature evangelism activity stopped because it’s impossible to go door-to-door or visit businesses to sell books.

Corina thought about what she could do and began to search for new methods to reach people. Since she has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in nutrition, she decided to organize a webinar along with the pastor’s wife, who has a degree in psychology. The webinar featured topics such as the effects of social distancing, and how people can protect themselves. But there was hardly any interest.

Corina didn’t give up. Together with a doctor she organized a new webinar. This time, even fewer people were interested.

The next idea came from one of her daughter’s classes at school. One of the teachers organized a “different school week” initiative, in which each student would individually prepare a special menu at home using Zoom. Corina announced a new Zoom program through Facebook: vegetarian cooking. Of course, the program was not free. Each participant had to purchase a packet of health books and vegetarian recipes for $45. In a short time 20 people had registered. The main dish was a vegan cake. Corina’s sales in one day was typical of a literature evangelist in Romania for an entire month.

About a year ago, a number of LEs in the Romanian Union attended a nutrition course, and now the value of the training has been discovered. Praise God for new and creative ways to reach people.

Ioan Campian Tatar is Publishing Ministries director of the Inter-European Division.